Hair trends

Bored with your look? This spring summer’s look is bob’s and ponytails.


Tired of your long locks? Why not give yourself a new style. Were talking bobs. They are a huge trend this season, especially as celebrity’s like Cheryl Fernández setting the bob trend . You can wear a bob so many different ways straight,  curly, sleek & sharp. photoIt works on all textures the style is flattering. Its easy to maintain and so feminine. We would recommend getting it cut 4-6 weeks, but if your willing to wear the lob (long bob) every 8-12 weeks.the thing about the bob/lob it grows out looking good,  pretty and hassle free.


Simple ponytails are on trend this season to low ponytails and high ponytails.  imageIt’s a quick, easy and effortless way of styling.  The best part about a ponytail is that there is one for every hair type.  If you have straight hair opt for a high ponytail to give an elegant look or a low ponytail plaited to the side for a day time, festival look. imageIf you have wavy hair, keep it natural, curls or waves look soft for any ponytail you want to achieve.


Scalp Clinic: Dry itchy scalp? maybe an oily scalp?

Hey guys, following our last blog post, today we are here to talk about the more common scalp  problems and ones we see a lot of our clients struggling with in the salon.

To start with the most common of them all (that we see in the salon) Dry itchy scalp or Dandruff. But just like in the last blog thanks to Alfaparfs Semi Di Lino range we have found a product we believe works, and one we would recommend to our clients with this problem. It is the Purifying Shampoo, this contains pomegranate which reduces the itching, it does this by removing any excess particles on the scalp and then helps to restore the scalps natural balance of oils.  As we said in the previous blog all  products in the Semi Di Lino range are natural. However, the only thing about this product that is its only flaw is that it can not be used the same day you get your colour done! This is due to the purifying aspect of the shampoo. And like all these products to see the best results a full bottle will need to be used and when showering leave on the scalp for a minute or two.

Don’t worry those of you who have an oily scalp, there is something for you too! And of course its from Alfaparfs Semi Di Lino range, it just shows how much we love these products.  For those of you with an oily scalp there is the Balancing Shampoo. This has an extract of the Buchu plant, this is used a lot in alternative medicine. What the Buchu plant does is it  calms the sebaceous gland ( where the oil in our scalp is released). The  sebaceous gland is more than likely to be over stimulant especially after if you give your scalp a “nice” scrub in the shower, which actually causes more oil to be released. So by using the Balancing shampoo and a calming massage to the scalp in the shower you will calm the sebaceous gland causing less oil to be secreted.Again to see the best results from this product leave it  on the scalp for a minute or two before rinsing just to make sure your are giving it enough time to get to work.

But lets not forget the best thing about these products and one thing we know you will love is that they are very affordable for such amazing products being priced at only 13.50 euro. We know shocking for professional products but hey, we’re not complaining.  

Scalp Clinic! Thinning or Fine hair?

Do you have a problem with thinning or fine hair? Well  we may have found a brilliant product that can help you.

 Let me tell you about  products we use in the salon that we love and know  you will love too when we tell you about them. Alfaparfs Semi Di Lino range. For those of you who feel their hair is thinning or have problems with hair growth and aren’t sure what you can do or use.Try Alfaparfs Semi Di Lino’s Energising Shampoo. 

This shampoo helps stimulate the follicle to encourage the growth of hair.It also encourages the growth of thicker. But do you want to know the best thing about this product? ITS ALL NATURAL!!

No Sulphates or Parabens (parabens are usually chemicals added to a product to preserve the product) they are all naturally occurring in this range. That is a great thing about the Semi Di Lino range all the products are natural, have colour protection and a linseed shine complex.

Your probably wondering, what is in this Energising Shampoo ? Well its grape, white walnuts and rocket. All high in vitamins. And yes, this product is suitable for those who have had cancer/ cancer treatment. As all these are products are natural they can be used on anyone unless told not to by a professional! 

To see the best results from this shampoo you should leave the shampoo on the scalp for a minute or two and complete the bottle.

Not only is there the energising shampoo but there is also a treatment the Energizing Lotion that stimulates the hair fibre making it stronger and more resistant. However this product is mainly aimed for those who fear that their hair is getting thinner or those who have had cancer/ cancer treatment.

But for those who just want a treatment to give their scalp a bit of a boost we have a product for you too don’t worry. Its the super serum! This product really just clears anything on the scalp and gives it a boost for a healthier scalp.

Don’t forget to check back in a few days when we will have a post on Dry itchy scalps and oily scalps. 

Story of Cuts N’ Colours


This is a blog about the history of “Cuts N’ Colours” which was opened in 1996 in the heart of Portmarnock villiage. For the last 19 years we have provided a excellent service for both men & woman. There is currently 9 staff working as part of our team. Giving the salon a great atmosphere and friendly vibe.


Throughout the 19 years we have build a loyal customer base and always welcome new clients into the salon. We continue to grow, an drive ourselves to keep the high standards expected from “Cuts N’ Colours”. Were always focused on our clients needs and ensure they have the best experience possible, both with professional service and expert styles.

We are always up to date with the newest innovations, products and styles within the hairdressing world. “Afterall a good stylist is cheaper than a good therapist”.

All the best from the “Cuts N’ Colours” family


Style & Colour Ideas

Copy or create your own look, from some well known styles to your vintage looks.
We will be happy to consult with you and mold looks to give you exactly what you want.

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